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Freelancing, the realm where creativity meets freedom! It’s the ultimate playground for individuals with unique talents, innovative ideas, and a craving for independence. 

But hold your horses! Before you dive headfirst into the client pool, there’s a crucial step you simply can’t overlook – having your skillset prepared TO THE TEE.

In this blog post, I’m going to explore why preparation is the key to conquering the freelance world!

The first thing you’ve got to understand is, most freelancers suck.

If you want to get ahead, you don’t actually have to work that hard, you just have to be better than most people.

And to do that, you have to work harder than most people will work.

But don’t get confused. Don’t put all your hard work in the wrong gold mine.

You don’t ACTUALLY want to work harder. You want to work SMARTER.

So it starts with you, brother!

Picture Yourself as a Rockstar

Standing in front of thousands of adoring fans (a.k.a. clients)

The crowd is roaring, the lights are dazzling, and you’re about to deliver a mind-blowing performance…

But wait! Are you ready to rock their world?

Or are you still tuning your guitar?

You have to be so prepared for this.

By taking the time to prepare your skills, you’ll build an unshakeable foundation of confidence that’ll blow your clients away. Every. Single. Time.

But what exactly must you prepare, beyond the obvious (The skill you sell)?

Staying One-step Ahead Is Majorly Important

Freelancing is like a game of Tetris, except the blocks are clients and the points are your bank balance.

Do you want to be the player frantically fumbling to catch up with the falling blocks?

Or the pro who skillfully aligns them into perfect combos?

The choice is yours…

If you want to produce pristine work for every client under any deadline, you need to be prepared to keep your head ahead of the game.

Always stay one step ahead.

By doing this, you’ll stay ahead of the game, easily maneuvering through any challenges and outshining your competition. 

Also, Work On Your Speech And Charishma

As a freelancer, you’re constantly selling yourself to people.

People have to like you to trust you, and want to buy from you. SO prepare accordingly. 

Get used to being social and charming, open yourself up to people, loosen out your social skills.

This is a major aspect of freelancing that gets overlooked. 

Think of politicians, they get big positions, big roles, and big paychecks, SIMPLY BY BEING A CHARMER.

And, Lastly Adaptability – Extra Skills In The Toolbox

Think of yourself as a freelancer chameleon, adapting to any client’s needs with ease. 

By expanding your skillset, you’ll be able to take on a wider range of projects, open doors to new opportunities, and showcase your fresh ideas like a wizard.

The more intricate and valuable the problems are that you can solve, the more you get paid.


It doesn’t matter how many clients you have, if you can’t blow each and every one of them away with results. That’s what gets you those tasty referrals and big pay days.

So, before you put 20 hours a day into outreach, take a step back, sharpen your talents, and embrace the power of preparation. 

Remember, prepare the right skillset and mindframe with a sprinkle of charm, and you’ll conquer the world of freelancing like a champion!

Now go, and prepare to dazzle clients with your skills and fresh ideas. The freelance world is yours for the taking!

Happy freelancing!

Written by our fellow freelancer Matthew Murphy

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