Time Tracking & Task Management

Freelancer’s life saving & personal management software.

Time Tracking

Time tracking feature allows you to monitor and record the time spent on tasks

Project Management

Task management involves organizing, tracking, and prioritizing tasks to ensure efficient completion.

Log Your Time Manually With Full Flexibility

Imagine it like having a personal time-tracking assistant that’s got your back, even when the timer decides to take a coffee break!

Access Task Details Instantly

Have access to all the details regarding your task at any moment.

Detailed Tracking of Every Minute

Track one sec or one hour. You will have a precise tracking record of your time.

Setting Time Limits for Tasks

Set your own task duration limits with flexibility. Receive email notifications to extend or halt the timer upon completing tasks within your chosen timeframe.

Time Tracking with Our Chrome Extension  

Manage your hours effectively with our Chrome Extension for precise time tracking. Gain insights into your daily routine to optimize work.

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