Google API Services Usage Disclosure

Compliance with Google API Services User Data Policy – Limited Use

At, our utilization of information obtained from Google APIs adheres strictly to the principles outlined in Google’s API Services User Data Policy, specifically following the Limited Use requirements:

  1. User Data Access: We do not access or read the user’s data unless explicit affirmative consent is granted for specific messages, files, or other data within the confines of our application’s functionalities.

  2. Advertising Restrictions: refrains from utilizing or transferring any data for serving advertisements, including retargeting, personalized, or interest-based advertising purposes.

  3. Data Utilization: Our use of data is confined to providing or enhancing user-facing features prominently displayed within’s user interface. All other uses of the acquired data are strictly prohibited.

  4. Data Transfer: Any transfer of data to external entities is undertaken solely if necessary to provide or enhance user-facing features prominently featured within’s user interface.

Our comprehensive privacy policy thoroughly documents the specific data our application requests, providing detailed insights into why such access to Google user data is essential for the functionalities and services offered within

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